Allow me to introduce myself

I guess I'll start by giving my stats;
My name is Elizabeth, I sometimes go by Liz by friends and family.
I'm 28 years old, I'm 5"4,
I currently weigh 182 Lbs.
As far as my body frame is (my bone size) I have a large body frame Here's how you can find out what yours is.

My BMI is 31.2

I recently saw my doctor and got my annual check up. I was quite surprised to receive a letter in the mail detailing that all my lab results came back normal. Yippee! I'm as healthy as a horse according to that.

Trust me when I say I drew a big sigh of relief. I was certain that I was going to have astronomically high levels in my lab work, but nay! I'm rejoicing for that for sure.
I think that is an important thing to do before getting started on my quest to weight loss. I wanted to know if I had any health concerns that might impact my efforts in trying to lose weight. I highly recommend consulting a doctor before beginning a weight loss program, but I'm sure you've heard this before!

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