I wonder if I can keep this up?

So it has been a week since my last post, I think I said something about how I wasn't going to weigh myself on the scale until a week goes by or something like that....that thought didn't last very long! I'm pretty sure I stepped on that thing right after I got done talking about it on here. To my surprise, it revealed that I had lost another pound, well, now, today I'm down to 174 Lbs!!! Hooray!
I also decided to measure myself with a tape measure and it showed that I have lost 2 inches in my waist and chest area bringing these measurements down to 41 inches in my waist and also my chest area (hee hee, I'm kind of well endowed in that department if you know what I mean). I realize that I have a long way to go to reach my goal but I think I'm well on my way.

How I acheived it:
  • I haven't stuck to working out on the elliptical everyday like I had planned, I probably got in less than 2 hours last week.
  • I've been walking to work almost everyday. There are days when I really don't feel like walking; it's stinking hot and humid here. I'd rather not show up to work and need an immediate shower upon my arrival, you know? But somehow, it hasn't been too bad. On the days that I really feel like not walking, 'Thanel tells me in his loving and sweet way, "I will not sin against you by getting in your way to your goal by driving you to and from work". OH PLEASE! give me a break... It's a big joke between us.
  • I've pretty much eliminated fast food from my diet this week. I've incorporated yogurt and a peice of fruit each day at work.
  • I still drink Diet Coke, I'm afraid to say that it will be EXTREMELY hard for me to ween myself off that stuff. I've got to have my caffeine.
  • I've tried to drink more water but that's not going so well, I need to try to do better
  • I use a site called Every Day Health, it's free to join and it has a lot of good articles, helpful tips, recipes, and my most favorite tool; a calorie counter that you enter your food items that you eat and it breaks it down to how many calories are in the foods plus all the other nutritional stats. It also has a tool where you can monitor your caloric needs based on your current weight and how many calories you need to lose a pound a week. It even breaks down how many calories you burn doing every day things ~ I was pleased to learn that I can burn 20 calories taking a 15 minute long shower ~ Sweet!

I'm sure you want pics, one day when I'm feeling brave, I'll post some of my progress. I know how motivating it can be when I see before and after pics. Please bare with me until then. Thank you so much for your support!