A break from my weight loss updates

Tomorrow I will be going to my hair salon to get the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment on my hair. I am excited and nervous because this is something I've always wanted to do. I'm nervous because some of the reviews...hair falling out, hair thinning, turning hair color orange. Yuck! That's the last thing I need. I have put my hair through enough torment and bad color dyes to last a lifetime. All I want is to have hair that is non-frizzy and smooth. I love the texture of my hair but it is too frizzy. The Keratin treatment claims to get rid of 95 % of the frizz and the curl. Plus, it can last up to 5 - 8 months! I would love to be able to just wash my hair and let it dry naturally without worrying and trying to tame the frizz and weird kinks & curls. So, I'm going to give it a go. It's my early Christmas present. Yay! I'm going to do a review on this. Hope it helps someone else out there. I'd love to hear stories about other people's experience with it. The good and the bad.

The difficult part with this is going to be the next 72 hours after getting it done. I'm not allowed to put my hair up, put a clip in it to keep it out of my face, or even tuck my hair behind my ears. I also cannot get it wet or get any perspiration on it :( I'll be miserable.

I'm going to fill you in on my experience with this treatment. I'll post pics before, after, after the first wash, etc. This'll be fun. A nice distraction from my ongoing diet on hCG.

Psst.... I'm now 161 Lbs!