Goals are so very important to me. I'm good at making them, I'm good at writing them out, making lists, detailing the ways on how I will acheive that goal; breaking it down to most miniscule thing on how to do it.

My problem? Acting on them. It's like what my Dad always says, "sure it looks good on paper but show me how you're going to do it". 'Course my Dad was talking about me and my finances, but really, it applies for this task too. My husband and I live in Missouri and he likes to tell me, "This is the Show Me State!" Show me how you're going to do it, don't just say it.

Okay, so now I'm going to set myself a goal. I want to lose 5% of my current weight. That calculates at 9.1 pounds. I've read quite frequently that the healthy rate of losing weight is 1.5 pounds per week. So I could safely lose 6 pounds per month. This goal should take a month and a half so I'm going to set this goal to be due on August 8th.

How I'm going to do it:

I need to deplete at least 500 calories from my intake every day. This can be done by cutting back on the calories that I eat, or it can be from the calories that I burn.

What's in my arsenal to do this:
  • Use my elliptical trainer machine: I am going to try to go on it almost every day for 3o min. 6 x per week.
  • Walking to work: luckily, I live 15 minutes away from work and I work full time, so that will be 5 x per week
  • No candy bars, or other sweets at work (my weakness)
  • Cutting the grass 1 x per week: this usually takes an hour and in this hot and sticky summer in Missouri, phew! I'll be losing a lot of water weight
  • Drink 82 oz of water: I've read somewhere that you should drink an ounce of water for every pound that you weigh over 100. Does that make any sense?

Okay, I think this is doable. Agreed? If anyone out there can offer me any advice or encouragement, I would receive it gladly. If there are those who are reading this that want to take this journey too, let me know, Let's do this together!