While the Cat's away, the Mice will Play

Me and my hottie husband, Ft. Knox, summer of 2008

Last week was quite a week. My husband left for Ft. Knox, KY yesterday. Last time he was there, he became a Drill Sargeant. He'll be there for his Annual Training (AT). It could quite possibly be longer but we're not sure at this point. So it is just me and the Marsh. I'm pretty pumped about my plans and projects that I have in store. However, last week had it's hiccups.

  • My bank card info was stolen and had to cancel it and I'm now waiting for a new card to be issued for me.

  • I had a pretty bad headache that lasted for days. I have messed up my neck (it's been that way for a while now) and I was stressed out waiting for Nathanael's orders to come in; they literally came in less than 24 hours from the time he had to leave, it was down to the wire, folks, and so was my head pounding. I'm happy to report that he got there safe and sound.

  • oh, back to my card info being stolen, I had to dispute a charge and that's always fun, but the thing I was most bummed out about was that I had plans to go grocery shopping and pick up nothing but fresh fruits, veggies, and Smart Water.

I'll have to wait until my new card comes in but once it does, I'm hitting the closest Walmart and stocking up on all the above. I'm going on a fruit & veggie diet for the next two weeks.

Remember how I was celebrating my weight loss in my previous post? yeah, well I'm not sure what that was because I gained some of it back so I'm pretty skeptical I even lost more than 4 pounds. I think that this vegan diet (only while my hubby is away as for now) will jump start my body into health mode. I'm excited for all the benefits my body will receive from this. Maybe I'll get clearer skin ~ something I've battled to acheive my whole life.

Wish me luck!

I'm also planning on working hard core on my Paperbella shop on Etsy. I'm also blogging on Let's See Etsy. That has been a blast!