Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

What does that even mean? anyhooz-its,
I've been sick with a cold. In the middle of summer. I'm going to keep this post short. Due to my lack of appetite, I've managed to get back down to 175 Lbs. Hopefully in my next post, I'll have some better results to post and I'll include my other stats too.
Remember how I was excited about going on a grocery haul? Here's some things I got:
Underneath these lucious cherries are a bunch of red grapes ~ I love those!
Here's my bowl of cherries, don't they look great?
I also got some peaches but they weren't ripe yet so I stuck them in a brown paper bag
Love Gala apples
This has been the scene in my house for the last few days, what you don't see are the crumpled used tissues.
Hey, do you see the sweet pic of me and my hubby in the background? man, I miss him lots. I won't see his handsome face until Sep. Hope I can manage to lose some noticeable weight before he gets back.
That'll be a nice welcome home treat, don't you think?